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Coptic Bouquet 
$12.99 USD |  $8.99 If combined with another package

The Coptic Bouquet aims at educating, empowering, and offering a “church at home” environment for subscribers of all faiths. With 5 channels all sanctioned by his Holiness Pope Shenouda the Third, this Bouquet will appeal to Eaten rites followers who’s first language is either Arabic or English. Furthermore, with channels based in North America, offering a local perspective to a religion that is thousands of years old. years of heritage


CTV is the official channel of the Coptic Orthodox Church, run under the care and blessings of our Supreme Pontiff, His Holiness Pope Shenouda III, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark, may the Lord prolong his life for many years and healthy, safe eras. The channel presents all manner of art and television programs which reflect the original proper Orthodox faith and the Church’s message, founded on love and peace within a framework of professional international media, which occasioned its enormous success, since its first test transmission went to air on 12/11/2007. Moreover, the channel utilizes the latest state-of-the-art technology in the field of television production, be it photography, directing, editing or graphics, etc… to broadcast a truly unique television service. Those in charge of the channel are constantly developing the material presented, whether it be in form or content.


  • CTV
  • CTV +7
Top Shows:

  • Holy Masses
  • Cultural programs
  • Church Events Footage
  • Coptic Tour
  • Pulse of the Ministry
  • Theological and dogmatic
  • Spirit & Life
  • Memorize the Psalms,They’ll Preserve You
  • Father Wisdoms
  • His Holiness teachings


CYC’s mission is to spread the love of Jesus Christ, His teachings, and the culture and history of the Coptic Church among Christian and non-Christian youth and children globally; And to increase the knowledge and awareness of the Coptic church among non-Egyptians and gain acceptance by other members in society (by enhancing awareness of the Coptic church, faith, and history).Currently, there are two Coptic channels that generally serve Christians worldwide, both however broadcast solely in Arabic. Unfortunately, youth and children living outside of Egypt cannot relate or benefit spiritually from these channels due to language barriers and cultural differences The Christian Youth Channel is the first Channel to: Target an Audience of youth and Children Establish production Centers worldwide Produce programs by youth Broadcast live AUDIENCE: CYC is aimed towards audience of youth and children with content designed to be relevant to issues they face, in order to help them grow spiritually and pass along the Coptic faith and tradition.


  • CYC
Top Shows:

  • Live Discussions/talk shows
  • Christian Entertainment programs
  • - Talent Shows
  • - Christian Idol
  • - Christian Star Academy
  • - Who Wants to be a Christian Millionaire
  • Praise and worship
  • Bible Study
  • Ancient Egypt and Coptic church history
  • Documentaries on archaeological sites in Egypt
  • Arabic/Coptic Lessons
  • Christian movies
  • Christian TV series
  • Bible Youth competition
  • Sports Youth competition
  • Childrens Cartoons


LogosTV is an Orthodox TV Station founded under the auspices of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Los Angeles, Southern California, and Hawaii through the guidance and prayers of His Grace Bishop Serapion. Its mission is to present Christ to a wide audience, including those within the Orthodox Church and those without. Logos TV is providing diverse cultural materials through the collaboration of the Coptic, Syrian and Armenian Orthodox Churches. This channel is in Arabic.


Top Shows:

  • LogosTV will be offering the following Live and Recorded Programs:
  • Liturgical Services
  • Conferences and Seminars
  • Movies and Documentaries
  • Lectures and Talk Shows
  • In Addition to many more social and spiritual programs…


TV Charity is an broadcasting Television station run by CineChrist studio. As an apostolate of the Lebanese Maronite Missionaries, TV Charity is committed to producing quality programs that further Christian and moral values and the teachings of the Catholic faith. TV Charity focuses its efforts on religious and pastoral themes. Main show topics include theology, bioethics, education, social issues, daily Church news and intercultural exchange. TV Charity also offers shows for entertainment, and special programs for children and teens. Programs offered are in English and Arabic.


  • TV Charity