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TV2MORO founders The TV2MORO vision is the work of Elie Kawkabani and Haytham ElMokadem. Both are industry veterans who know and understand subscription television and TV content distribution.
Elie Kawkabani

elie As the co-founder and Former CEO of TV2MORO, Elie utilizes his vast experience and track-record of success in the areas of ethnic broadcasting and subscription television.

Elie is the founder and a veteran of Reach Media Inc. where he served as President for 10 years. Reach Media Inc. is a key strategic partner of Dish Network; a relationship which Elie oversaw and grew as President. Elie leverages Strategic planning skills refined in the retail industry where he was President and Former CEO of Blue Isle of California for over 10 years.

In addition, Elie is the Founder, President and Chairman of the Board of Ethnic Broadcasters of America (EBA). This organization represents 90% of all ethnic broadcasters in the USA and aims to strengthen the links and cooperation between these companies.


Haytham ElMokadem

Haytham EIMokademHaytham brings to TV2MORO a wealth of experience in the TV space, with specialties in marketing and distribution. He is the co-founder and President of TV2MORO.

Haytham has significant experience acquiring programming content licenses, and guiding those deals through to launch via satellite and cable. In addition to his knowledge of domestic and international markets, he is experienced in establishing and executing comprehensive marketing plans to ensure profit growth and expansion of a company’s packages and/or services.

Haytham’s background includes extensive experience with World Span Media Consulting, Reach Media Inc, Echostar Corporation (Dish Network), and SkyView World Media where he was responsible for package development from the point of launch to delivering the package to end users.