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More than ever, the internet is enabling a very different kind of TV viewing.

“The television and the Internet will essentially merge in the foreseeable future. Already, the hardiest of online viewers are letting PC screens replace their TV’s altogether. Others are merely letting broadband connections supplement their DVR”
New York Times, March 08

The marketCustomers are demanding more choice and more specialized content when, where and how they want it. They have grown accustomed to choice. Web environments like hulu.com are encouraging users to switch-off their cable connection and switch-on to broadband. Until recently, consumers didn’t imagine that they could access subscription televisoin with their broadband connection.

But increasingly, they are demanding it. TV2MORO is poised to answer that demand.

The “Explosive growth in Ethnic Media”BRANDWEEK

“A nationwide poll that surveyed about 2,000 minorities and immigrants last year about their media consumption habits found that 45 percent of African-American, Hispanic, Asian-American, Native-American and Arab-American adults say they prefer ethnically targeted television, radio or newspapers to their mainstream counterparts”

Clearly, there is demand in the market, however the climate is right for an improved offer:

  • The USA remains an underserved market for 24 hour ethnic TV
  • All existing traditional platforms have limited capacity for ethnic channels
  • Ethnic communities commonly reside in apartment buildings which makes satellite installation difficult