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IPTV over Set-top box has been ‘in development’ for many years. Now, we are finally at the point that the technology has arrived. The solution uses a customized set-top box (we call it a TV2 ) to stream content and provide a traditional tv-like experience for the user. In the future, TV2MORO will have the capability to deliver content to any kind of device that the consumer chooses, whether it is TV, PC, a mobile phone or ‘media to go’.

technologyThe TV2MORO Platform is an end-to-end encoding, delivery and Set-top box solution which offers:

  • Real-time encoding & transcoding
  • Low bit rate of 1400 kbps streaming straight to TV
  • Scalable simultaneous streaming over RTP and RTSP protocol
  • No Buffering, fast cache and instant-on channel
  • Open Source (Linux) based Set-top box Platform
  • Integrated CPU + DSP decoder design
  • Built-in 802.11g WiFi Support

The many advantages of the IPTV set-top box:

  • Supports multiple channel broadcasting, VOD and PVR functions
  • Video Quality at 30 frames (NTSC) or 25 frames (PAL)
  • Supports MP3/stereo audio output and S-Video/YVR/RGB Video output
  • Bit rate at 1400 kbps
  • The Set-top box can self upgrade through the network
  • VOD Features pause, fast forward, and rewind
  • Embedded browser provides central control, customized branding and lower maintenance cost