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Arabic Premium 
$29.99 USD

with a 2-year commitment

The ultimate Arabic package of programming is born! The Arabic Premium Package on TV2MORO is what every Arabic speaker has been waiting for. Designed to evolve with the ever-changing preferences of our viewers, The Arabic Premium Package will please the entire family with 51 different feeds of channels to give you maximum choices. The package offers up to date news, endless drama and comedy series, new blockbuster movies as well as classics, up to date news, entertaining general programming, thrilling sports, and stimulating talk shows. With multiple feeds of live and time-delayed channels, designed to optimize prime time viewing in multiple regions, subscribers to this package have a wide array of premium programming selections at any time of the day or night. The value this package offers is unmatched. With all the choices, technology, and support behind the platform, this package is the best deal in town!. Some channels have multiple feeds and are indicated with a +7 next to the channel name. Those channels are time delayed by 7 hours to account for time zone difference.


The brain-child and vision of Egyptian tycoon and philanthropist Dr. A. Bahgat, this channel started the revolution of Egyptian private media. After generations of dominance by state owned media, Dream channel set the way for private enterprise to enter the field. The result was a superior channel with impressive quality, entertaining shows, and strong brand loyalty. Dream 1 is a general entertainment channel with special programming that includes talk shows, movies, music and sports with a special coverage of the Egyptian Soccer League.


  • DREAM1
Top Shows:

  • AlRyada AlYawm by Khalid ElGhandour
  • Sabah Dream
  • Akher Moda
  • Shababeek
  • Cinema Scoop


Arguably the top rated Egyptian private channel, Al Hayat is re defining the entire landscape in the “Hollywood of the Middle East,’” Egypt. This progressive and forward thinking channel has taken Egyptian and Arabic television to the next level. Only available through TV2MORO, Al Hayat will captivate, inspire and entertain you like no other channel can. Al Hayat is a general entertainment channel with a variety of talk shows including the most popular daily talk show “Al Hayat Alyawm”, movies, series, and sports.


Top Shows:

  • Al hayat Al Yawm by Sherief Amer and Lobna Assel
  • Al Deen Wel Hayat
  • Beny Adam Show by Ahmed Adam
  • Blockbuster Movies
  • Deal or No Deal by Razan Al Magreby


Al Hayat 2 is the natural expansion after the big success of Al Hayat. Al Hayat 2 is similar in its nature to Al Hayat with a variety of general entertainment s programs discussing the daily lives in Egypt and the Arab World. Al Hayat 2 has focused on sports hosted by the most famous Ahmed Shbair hosting the “AlKora Maa Shobair”, Al Hayat 2 has a full detailed coverage of the Egyptian Soccer League.


  • HAYAT2
  • HAYAT2+7
Top Shows:

  • Kalam Min Al Qalb
  • Al Kora Maea Shobair by Ahmed Shobair
  • The Egyptian Soccer League
  • Blockbuster Movies
  • Sitcoms


Another testament to the ingenuity and the vision of Egyptian private Media entrepreneurs is the fast growth of Al Mehwar channel. In the tradition of Egyptian production heritage, this channel brings you a fresh and courageous approach to Egyptian television. Al Mehwar is a general entertainment channel, known for its nightly talk show “90 Minutes” that addresses the daily life in Egypt and the Arab World from a social, and political point of view. Watch the channel and see what the hype is all about.


  • MEHWAR+7
Top Shows:

  • 90 Minutes by Moataz ElDemerdash
  • Hewar Ala Nar Hadya
  • Sabaya
  • Al Eisha We Eli Aishaha
  • Ahlam by Said Hamdy


The essence of the channel is to play a constructive role in Egypt’ s society by presenting all the challenges, potentials and opportunities in the post-revolution era. The channel’ s core objective is to widen understandings, bridge gaps, and allow the viewer to form his/her opinion through presenting the full picture, conveying all points of views, and discussing all possibilities. Politicians, revolutionaries, the man on the street, the writer, the student, the elderly, etc. will all be invited with their thoughts, fears and aspirations. With no political or religious inclinations, CBC aims to address all issues constructively, positively, and credibly respecting all people equally, and valuing the opinions of individuals and groups. It is not a channel based on one show or voice – but it is about everyone’ s voice. CBC brings you some of the most famous and influential talk show hosts and political analysts such as Mohamed Magdy ElGalad, Lamiss ElHadidy, Emad Adeeb, and Khairy Ahmed


  • CBC
  • CBC +7
Top Shows:

  • برنامج معكم
  • برنامج ناس وناس
  • برنامج كلام مصري
  • Saf7et Alra2y – صفحة الرأي
  • Hona Al 3asema – هنا العاصمه
  • Lazem Nefham – لازم نفهم
  • Al Setat – الستات مايعرفوش يكدبو
  • Momken – ممكن


Al Nahar is one of the main channels to be born right after the revolution in Egypt to embody everything that the revolution strived for. It is a courageous, honest, informative, and entertaining channel that brings you some of the best presenters in post revolution Egypt, such as the veteran Mahmoud Saad and the unique Tamer Abdel Menam.


  • Al NAHAR
  • AL NAHAR +7
Top Shows:

  • LokmaHaneya
  • Se7a we 3afia 2011
  • Akhralnahar-Mahmoud saad
  • Alnahardah
  • Anawelmadam


OTV Promotes modernism, freedom and democracy through culturally enlightening and entertaining programs. OTV imparts a youthful and dynamic image while sustaining a genuine authenticity. The Channel broadcasts a diverse, yet consistent, show grid that combines various television genres and preferences, and it transmits from the Lebanese territory and covers the four corners of the globe. OTV creates an interactive link between the Lebanese residents in Lebanon and the Lebanese Diaspora throughout the world. It targets all Lebanese in particular and Arabs in general.


  • OTV
Top Shows:

  • Aiesh Beirut
  • LOL
  • Min La Min
  • Le’ouna a’ Seha
  • Ouuuuuuf


The official and number one channel in Syria is celebrating this year it’s 50th anniversary!!! This station brings Syria and the Arab world to your living rooms, with all the general entertainment, news, sports, documentaries, and varieties from Syria and the Middle East directly to your home.


  • SYRIAN +7
Top Shows:


Sama Dubai is an Emirati channel by nature and by the local identity of its program creators and presenters. Arabic with an Emirati Khaleeji accent is the language of Sama Dubai channel focusing on the national identity and reflects the success of Dubai. Sama Dubai reflects the originality of the UAE and its people focusing on its culture, identity and heritage.


  • SAMA
  • SAMA+7
Top Shows:

  • AL Marsa
  • Al Lughz
  • Cooking show: Hani w Afia
  • AL Jalsa
  • Al Meydan


Targeting Arabic speakers all over the world, the national television station of Kuwait brings you the latest news, sports, series, entertainment, games shows, and movies in a modern, yet distinctly Kuwaiti, style. The Gulf region’s next super channel, Kuwait 1 will please every member of the family.


  • KUWAIT 1
Top Shows:


Building on the phenomenal success of it’s sister station Kuwait 1, channel 2 brings you the latest and best general entertainment from Kuwait and documentaries fro the world over.


  • KUWAIT 2
Top Shows:


Rated as one of the top Arabic movie channels in the MENA Region, Melody Aflam airs an exciting mix of Arabic feature films, guaranteed to entertain the whole family. Melody Aflam was launched in 2006 to compete with specialized Movie channels that air Arabic movies. It is set apart by the ever changing mix of films, be they from the 80s, 90s, or current hits, as well as the variation of genres within its grid. Melody Aflam is the first National film channel to broadcast from Egypt with a wide reach within the Arab world. Melody Aflam has quickly created a reputation for itself for airing the latest movies, many of them exclusively, straight from the Movie theaters in the Arab world as well as a lot of Movie Premiers.

Top Shows:

  • Blockbuster Movies
  • Timeless Classics


The latest addition to the Hayat family of channels, Al Hayat Cinema is the most exciting movie channel to launch in the Hollywood of the Middle east, Egypt. Watch all the latest blockbusters as well as well timeless classic on this channel, Enjoy two versions of the channel, one live and the other 7 hours delayed, to double your choices.


Top Shows:

  • Current blockbusters and timeless classics.


Building on the tradition and the brand that Al Hayat signature channels have established, Al Hayat Series brings you the most up to date exclusive drama series from the heart of drama production facilities in Egypt and Syria. Al Hayat will offer you series that you cannot find anywhere else, and no where other than TV2MORO can you enjoy that channel.

Top Shows:

  • Al Hayat Series plays the most recent Series produced in Egypt and in the Arab World.
  • Some of the series are exclusive for Al Hayat group of channels.


Melody Drama is specialized in broadcasting 24-hours of top notch Arabic drama, including an exclusive variety of series and Sitcoms. Melody Drama offers its viewers around the world a wide selection of impressive content with a creative interface and unique personality. The channel’s scheduling & distinctive modern identity attracts different segments of audience offering them the ultimate experience of non stop entertainment. Melody Drama offers the ultimate experience on non stop entertainment with premium and exciting content adding a vital genre to the Melody bouquet.


  • MLDY DR +7
Top Shows:


The natural extension of the Syrian satellite Channel, and building on the great success of Syrian Drama in past years, this channels is a must in every Arab home. First run, exclusive Syrian and Arabic Drama will surely make every viewere glued to this wonderful channel.


Top Shows:


Al Jazeera English, the 24-hour English-language news and current affairs channel, is headquartered in Doha, the capital of Qatar. The organisation is the world’s first global English language news channel to be headquartered in the Middle East. From this unique position, Al Jazeera English is destined to be the English-language channel of reference for Middle Eastern events, balancing the current typical information flow by reporting from the developing world back to the West and from the southern to the northern hemisphere. The channel aims to give voice to untold stories, promote debate, and challenge established perceptions. With broadcasting centres in Doha, Kuala Lumpur, London and Washington DC and supporting bureaux worldwide, the channel will set the news agenda, bridging cultures and providing a unique grassroots perspective from under-reported regions around the world to a potential global audience of over one billion English speakers. The station broadcasts news, current affairs, features, analysis, documentaries, live debates, entertainment, business and sport. Building on Al Jazeera Arabic channel’s ground breaking developments in the Arab and Muslim world that have changed the face of news within the Middle East, Al Jazeera English is part of a growing network that is now extending this fresh perspective from regional to global through accurate, impartial and objective reporting.


Top Shows:

  • Frost
  • Witness
  • Inside Story
  • News Hour
  • The Riz Khan Show


Launched in December 2006, FRANCE 24 is the new 24/7 international news channel. Its mission is to cover international current events from a French perspective and to convey French values throughout the world.FRANCE 24 is a true news hub that broadcasts its programs over the airwaves and over the internet in French, in English and in Arabic.FRANCE 24 gives a French perspective to international current events through diversity of opinions, debate and confrontation of viewpoints.The channel provides keys to understanding ever more complex events through in-depth analysis. FRANCE 24 puts also culture at the forefront of its programming. Channels:

  • France 24 English
Top Shows:


Launched on December 2006, FRANCE 24 is the new 24/7 international news channel. Its mission is to cover international current events from a French perspective and to convey French values throughout the world. FRANCE 24 is a true news hub that broadcasts its programs over the airwaves and over the internet in French, in English and in Arabic (from 14.00 to 24.00 –Paris time) FRANCE 24 gives a French perspective to international current events through diversity of opinions, debate and confrontation of viewpoints. The channel provides keys to understanding ever more complex events through in-depth analysis. FRANCE 24 puts also culture at the forefront of its programming.


  • FRAN24
Top Shows:

  • World News
  • Politics
  • Sport



Russia Today is the first 24/7 Arabic-language news channel from Eastern Europe reporting on events happening in Russia and around the globe. RT provides viewers with breaking news, stories on politics, business, and public affairs around the clock. Millions of viewers tune in to Russia Today to view what other news channels do not cover, especially news from the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Channels:

Top Shows:

  • Jawlah fi al Sahafa
  • Hadath wa Ta’liaq
  • Hekayat al shabab
  • Moshahadat


Melody Hits, broadcast from Egypt, is the highest viewed 24-hour-a-day Arabic-language music video channel in the Middle East and North Africa. Melody Hits offers a variety of music programming including video clips from the 80’s, 90’s, as well as contemporary releases, many of which are premiered on Melody Hits and are exclusive to the channel. Melody Hits is a tremendous addition to overall entertainment for Arab Americans in the U.S.


  • Melody Hits


Arab Woman Television also known as Heya TV. Arab Woman TV is the first channel dedicated to the issues that face Arab women. Some of the programs focus on fashion, cooking and home decoration. Arab Woman Television broadcasts to an estimated daily audience of 15 million women, from denizens of remote villages in Egypt to Prada-clothed fashionistas in Beverly Hills. Malikat presented by Sawsan El Sayed is one of the major programs which Arab Woman TV broadcasts.


Top Shows:

  • Min Yom La Yom
  • Stars we bas
  • Al Makshouf
  • Malikat
  • Look Jadeed


Melody Sports uniquely employs the latest technology and the most advanced Football broadcasting techniques, setting new benchmarks or viewers in Egypt and the Arab world. The Channel’s programming extends a variety of analytical studio shows and talk formats primed to the highest global standards. Watch all the live coverage of the Egyptian soccer league as well as coverage from all over the Arab World.


  • Melody Sports
  • Melody Sports +7
Top Shows:

  • Estad Melody
  • Korah Zaman
  • Eftekasat Karaweya
  • Barakat Malek el7arakat
  • Best Goals
  • Sports News
  • Elkorah Bara


TV Charity is an broadcasting Television station run by CineChrist studio. As an apostolate of the Lebanese Maronite Missionaries, TV Charity is committed to producing quality programs that further Christian and moral values and the teachings of the Catholic faith. TV Charity focuses its efforts on religious and pastoral themes. Main show topics include theology, bioethics, education, social issues, daily Church news and intercultural exchange. TV Charity also offers shows for entertainment, and special programs for children and teens. Programs offered are in English and Arabic.


  • TV Charity


Drama Channel Channels:



Drama Channel Channels:

  • CBC DRAMA +7


Al Kahera Wal Nas is Egypt’s Boldest TV channel. Featuring the biggest and best programing in the Middle East and North Africa. Channels:

Top Shows:

  • Agraa Elklam
  • Napelion wa Elm7rosa
  • 3ishk Wa Gaza
  • Elghesh Mamno3
  • kora on line
  • Ramad El 7ob
  • Elghish Mamno3


Ro’ya is a general entertainment from Jordan, targeting the young and all the family members and is the number one choice for information and entertainment. Ro’ya addresses political, social and economic issues and many of its programs are interactive with teh audienace. In a short period of time, this channel has achieved sgnificant results incontent and packaging.


  • RO’YA
  • RO’YA +7
Top Shows:

  • Dounia al Sahafa
  • Dounia ya Dounia
  • Time out
  • Shamiat
  • Kids prgrams
  • Drama Series